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Resume Prose is located in Virginia Beach and owned by Mary Wagoner, a Certified Resume Writer. Mary is our Senior Writer/Editor and has over twenty years of resume and technical writing experience. She is a former teacher and has been contracted by major corporations Kraft Foods, Pactiv and Gerber as a Technical Writer.

As the founder of Resume Prose, Mary has written hundreds of successful resumes and has served as a resume consultant at regional career fairs. Her mission is helping people enhance their career opportunities.

All Resume Prose writers are certified resume specialists who are devoted to perfection, efficiency and customer service. We pride ourselves on staying abreast of all hiring trends and paying close attention to detail to ensure our clients receive the highest ratings possible.

We do not use pre-formatted styles nor do we fill in the fields of a template. Each resume is written from scratch for both content and format to maximize its unique impact and ensure the greatest potential for an interview. We believe that, in helping you succeed, we accomplish our goals as well. Your resume is the key that unlocks the doors of career opportunity. Let Resume Prose make that key fit perfectly.

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