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Does your resume match your career success? As an executive, you have overcome obstacles and gained a professional reputation as a results-oriented leader with multiple skill sets.

The key to maximizing your career potential is to have a resume written at the same high level as your position warrants.At Resume Prose, we excel at presenting executive candidates at the highest level to mirror your knowledge, skills and abilities. We create the best resumes for the best candidates.

RESUME style

Executive resumes are conservative in style with selected notable accomplishments clearly defined. Skill sets are usually outlined to aid the reader and progression of increased scope of responsibility is prevalent.

Executive resumes also provide a more comprehensive analysis of your skills as they relate to quantifiable accomplishments.

Your resume will be between two and five pages long and will include sections regarding presentations, publications and association memberships to present a dynamic, professional persona.


1. Order resume/cover letter

2. Complete telephone interview

3. Writing takes three days*

4. Receive resume as MS Word file

5. We revise until 100% satisfied

6. Network, Network, Network !


At this level, your resume will be reviewed by multiple individuals and panels. The focus of your resume should clearly mirror the specific executive position targeted.

While a general executive resume can be utilized, it is advisable to edit and focus your resume to each position in which you are interested.

As a rule, it is also advisable to enlist the services of an executive recruiter. Caveat, creditable recruiters work at no cost to the job seeker.Be very careful of recruiters who charge you money to help you attain a position.